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Finally, the announcement I announced earlier

There’s nothing on the website yet to which I can link, but the Fall 2008 issue of AGAIN finally arrived in my mailbox today, containing my article about the Fellowship of Ss. Alban and Sergius conference, as well as my review of Cappella Romana’s The Divine Liturgy in English. None of the material will be new to either of my regular readers, although the format, length and structure of the pieces themselves are unique to the print publication — the Fellowship writeup is ~2,500 words (as opposed to the ~6,000 words my blog entries contained), and the review is 750 words, vs. 2,500 here.

As I said earlier, nobody stumbled across the blog and said, “Hey! We should run this!” I thought that I could tailor both pieces to suit AGAIN’s format, and wrote a query note to the managing editor, Fr. Michael Gillis. He liked the ideas, gave me word counts to shoot for, and I set to work getting what I put up here into a form manageable for a magazine. He liked what I turned in, made some suggestions and some editorial decisions, and then ran them. It’s worked out well enough that I wouldn’t be surprised to see some other things come of this, but I know darn well that until you have the issue in hand nothing’s a done deal, so I don’t want to say any more than that for the time being. I have other ideas that might perhaps make a good working relationship with Conciliar Press advantageous down the road a piece; we’ll just see. It’s a beginning.

I’ll put up links once they’re available.


An announcement that I may have an announcement later

So, I’m going to be deliberately vague about the details because you never totally know what’s going to happen between the moment somebody says, “Yes, this is a good idea, let’s do it” and the time when the ostensibly accepted suggestion is theoretically supposed to be implemented, but it would seem that a couple of pieces which have appeared in this forum are being picked up by a print publication for down the road use. Actually — it might be better to say that a few brain-dump style (let’s be honest) postings here have served as the raw data from which more organized and economical essays were culled, and a certain magazine has indicated that these versions will be run in the near future.

Lest any further misleading impressions be out there, nobody stumbled across my blog and was so impressed that they had no choice but to contact me immediately. Rather, I thought I had some things here which might be appropriate for the publication in question, if I could only find something useful buried under all of those words. Once I had cleared enough of the prolix dust away to have an idea of just what I had, I queried the editor by e-mail and asked if he/she was interested. He/she was, and asked if I might have anything else. I got an e-mail yesterday from this person asking for a short bio to run with the pieces in question, so I think it will happen, but I’ll believe it 100%, and subsequently tell you about it concretely, once I’ve got the actual issue(s) in my hands.

Assuming it happens, hopefully both of you out there reading this will be pleasantly surprised. Regardless — it’s been a nice model of how the query process is supposed to work. I probably shouldn’t get used to it.

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