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I wonder what the editors of the Orthodox Study Bible do?

With a tip of the hat to Rod Dreher, I would like to acknowledge the following homiletical wisdom from Pastor Steven Anderson of Faithful Word Baptist Church of Tempe, Arizona:

This really speaks for itself, so I won’t provide any commentary. Nothing I could offer could possibly do any better than what Pastor Steven has already said. However, if anybody is questioning the translation — the Septuagint renders this phrase as “οὐροῦντα πρὸς τοῖχον” . The verb οὐρέω is rendered by the Liddell-Scott Greek-English Lexicon, quite properly and with a firm pecker as “make water”; πρός plus an accusative here is an accusative “of goal, aiming at” (BDAG Greek-English Lexicon, entry 3.c for πρός), and a τοῖχος is a wall of a house or a courtyard. “Pisseth against a wall” indeed seems to be a legitimate rendering.

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