In which I finally find a reason to jump on the Susan Boyle bandwagon

Susan Boyle, as we all know by now, is naturally talented and beautiful on the inside, however her looks may rub our preconceptions a bit the wrong way. This is in marked, to say nothing of relieving, contrast to many people who go after the same dream as she is at present.

But, you know, it’s not news to me that somebody who looks like something other than a supermodel can sing. Unfortunately, neither is it news to me that many people had expectations about her based on her looks (which were, thank God, subsequently confounded).

No, the bit of this story that finally grabbed a heartstring or two was what she told Larry King:

She said she has no plans to get a makeover or alter her wardrobe — “Why should I? Why should I change?” — but did predict one big lifestyle change.

“I won’t be lonely,” she said. “I certainly won’t be lonely anymore.”

Aw, man. Now, that gets me choked up, and even starts to make me just the teensiest bit mad. I’m not even entirely sure I can articulate why.


4 Responses to “In which I finally find a reason to jump on the Susan Boyle bandwagon”

  1. 1 jl farmer 18 April 2009 at 9:59 am

    when i saw the video when she came out on stage at the audition i knew right away what the judges and audience’s reaction would be to her because of how she was dressed and looked. the smirks and looks by everyone before she sang just goes to show you how society judges people. people need to lesrn to look at the whole package, INSIDE and out. and the apologize now for the smirks and looks are only because they were CAUGHT showing their reaction before she sang. i hope she is not looking at a big letdown when the attention slacks off. no matter how people say that they are aren’t changed, they are, she is no exception. i hope she enjoys the ride, no matter how long it will be!!!!!!!!!!

  2. 2 Paul 18 April 2009 at 12:05 pm

    Piers Morgan, so called “apology” was shocking at so many levels.
    Firstly, to quote him, “I sort of feel like apologizing…”
    Then, he justifies his behavior by saying, “…the judges had been through a long day with blah, blah, blah…”

    Secondly, it (the apology) is so true to form for this day and age, that it is scary -from politicians, to religious leaders, to sports stars to bankers and school age children. We have somewhere, somehow evolved into such a self-centered people that even an apology is an excuse for our behaviour.
    I believe I and all who judged her, owe Susan Boyles and ALL the Susan Boyles, past and present in our lives a SINCERE amends. And then, we must amend our behaviour so as to always remember how we behaved at that moment so that we never do this again.

  3. 3 Carole Clarke 18 April 2009 at 12:33 pm

    What I don’t understand is why she hasn’t caught on long before this. Ten years ago she sang “Cry Me A River” for a charity CD that you can find on YouTube. INCREDIBLE!!! Had I not seen her on the recent show I would have bet the house that she was 36, tall, sexy, long platinum hair and smoky green eyes, a Scottish Julie London – singing in a small jazz club to the background noise of low conversation and tinkling ice cubes. How shallow show business is to shoulder this talent aside because she might not be marketable visually. I hope she never changes. Simon Cowell might be hard but he has an excellent ear and alot of contacts. They need to help her find a good agent and positive bookings. The talk shows are good for now, they will get her a CD with the publicity she needs. Perhaps an appearance with Andrea Bocelli and a concert with an orchestra and other singers. I don’t know how powerful (Ethel Merman) her voice is but from what I’ve heard her control is good and her pitch perfect. She has all the tools needed to sing in the first rank.

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