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In case you’ve been wondering what to get me as a gift…

(…since I know that’s a question keeping all of you up nights…)

Oxford University Press is having a rather amazing spring sale right now. Two items of particular interest:

Oxford Latin Dictionary, $120.75 (regular price: $345)

A Greek-English Lexicon (a/k/a “The Big Liddell” or “The Great Scott”), $85.00 (regular price: $170)

Either of these would be perfectly acceptable “Hey, congratulations on leaving a halfway-decent job to go be a professional student for the next six years” presents. Alternately, you could use the TipJoy Tip Jar link the Tip Jar page with the PayPal button to help pay for my side trip to Istanbul while I’m in Greece.

Or, when you’re all done laughing yourselves to tears over the very idea proposed here, you could take advantage of the sale to order these fine items for yourself and then e-mail me a picture of yourself with them, if that’s your taste and times being what they are.


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