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Newly posted: Hansen and Quinn, notes and answers, Unit VIII

As I promised when I posted the notes for Unit VI, for every $150 tipped, I promise to get the next unit posted within a week. I have to be honest, between Orthodox Holy Week and the end of the semester, I’m a day late (the $150 threshold was met a week ago yesterday), but hopefully I may be forgiven this time. In any event, here you go – I have posted the notes for Unit VIII. Many thanks to all of you who have taken the time to tip.

If you’re looking at this before 16 May 2013, perhaps also consider pledging to this other project I’m working on; if you do that, I’m happy to count that towards the $150 threshold. Just let me know via a comment that that’s what you’re doing, and once the pledge is recorded I’ll update the total here.

As always, if you’ve got corrections, questions, or comments otherwise, let me know — enjoy!


Just posted: Hansen and Quinn, notes and answers, Unit VII

As I promised when I posted the notes for Unit VI, for every $150 tipped, I promise to get the next unit posted within a week. Well, it’s taken two years and nine months to break that threshold, but it was indeed broken on Monday, so here you go – I have posted the notes for Unit VII. Many thanks to all of you who have taken the time to tip.

As always, if you’ve got corrections, questions, or comments otherwise, let me know — enjoy!

Just posted: Hansen and Quinn notes and answers, Unit VI — and a proposition

For those of you anxiously awaiting these installment, I’ve just posted my notes and answers for Unit VI of Hansen and Quinn. My goal is to try to get through Unit X by the end of the summer, so that theoretically somebody taking first year Greek this fall can have a whole semester’s worth of support materials (assuming the book is split in half per semester). We’ll see how my good intentions jibe with the other things I need to get done this summer.

On that note — I am doing this largely for my own benefit. It’s a fantastic grammar and vocabulary review exercise, at least; not only that, an express goal of my graduate program is that its alumni will be able to at least teach introductory Greek and Latin, and already having a set of teaching notes for first year Greek will be an asset. However, it’s a side project, it’s a side project that’s time-consuming because I want to do it right and thoroughly, and it’s a side project that tends to be low priority because of the other things on my plate as somebody trying to complete a PhD program.

That said, I get more hits on my blog on account of these notes than anything else, so I am more than aware that some of you are actually using these things, and would like me to give a higher priority to getting these done.

Let me offer the following deal, then, with the idea being that those who find these notes useful might have a mechanism that would enable me to more align my priorities with theirs.

There’s a PayPal button on the “Tip Jar” page of this blog. Starting Monday, for every $150 that gets tipped to me, I promise to complete a unit’s notes within a week of that $150 milestone being hit. In other words, if $150 gets tipped to me by the end of the day Monday, 20 June, then Unit VII’s notes will be posted by the end of the day Monday, 27 June. If not, I send you back your money. Without hitting the $150 milestone, I continue to work on these at my own pace, and I will still aim for getting Unit X done by the end of the summer, but I am unable to make guarantees.

Does that seem fair? Going by the stats I see, if everybody who ever downloaded these notes gave a dollar, I could get through Unit X in a month, so these numbers aren’t striking me as unreasonable.

Just posted: Hansen and Quinn notes and answers, Unit 5

Yes, believe it or not, I got it done before the fiery death of the universe. It’s amazing what having the semester over with will do for you. I’ll try to have another couple of units up before the end of the break.

(Yes, this break. Why do you ask?)

As always, if you have comments, corrections, or anything else, let me know. If you would like to motivate me to give this project a higher priority, I am all for it; you can PayPal me at richardtenor [AT]

(Crickets chirping)

Ah. Well, I guess I’m doing it my way and on my own time, then.

NEWLY POSTED: answers and notes for Hansen and Quinn, Unit IV

If you’re just here for the Greek, then, as promised, I’ve posted my guide to Unit IV of Hansen and Quinn on the Greek Resources page. I’ve also posted some corrections to a couple of other units, and I’m not entirely certain they aren’t corrections of corrections. I’ve switched platforms, word processing software, and keyboards once or twice since I embarked on this project, and I think every time I have done so it is has given rise to accenting errors on my part. Apologies.

On the other hand, I’ve managed to post a new unit within roughly six weeks of the last one. I will do what I can to Unit 5 posted within that same timeframe.

As always, if you have questions, comments, requests, complaints, insults, “your mom” jokes in Greek, whatever, e-mail them to me, leave as a comment, send smoke signals (no promises I’ll get them or understand them if you do send smoke signals, however), and I’ll see what I can do.

In progress: Hansen and Quinn notes and answers, Unit 4

If you’ve been waiting with baited breath since I posted the Unit 3 materials, I hope to have Unit 4 posted this week. As always, reality reserves the right to intervene, but I will do what I can.

Notes & answers for Hansen & Quinn Unit III posted

Find them here. If you’ve been waiting a long time, sorry. Hopefully it won’t be eleven months before I post Unit IV.

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