Words of wisdom from the Crunchy Con and the Khouriye

I’m always disturbed by what seems to be an enshrinement of ignorance, anti-intellectualism, and lack of curiosity. Thankfully, an insistence on mistrusting those who can string five words together to make a sentence need not be a fundamental conservative value. From Rod Dreher’s blog:

There is a rich treasury of conservative thought waiting to be mined, contemplated, reinterpreted and adapted for our particular time and culture. […] We need to think hard within our own intellectual tradition. We need to understand why it is that we’re losing people, especially the young. To disdain intellection and intellectuals is a dead end. It’s a culture war in which we on the Right have turned our guns on ourselves.

Read the rest here.

As well, I submit the following from Kh. Frederica Mathewes-Green, posted as a comment to “Where are the Orthodox Dominionists?” at American Orthodox Institute:

Our parish is full of young people, especially college students; the average age keeps getting *lower.* What I observe is firm pro-life views, strong interest in the environment (including the desire to eat and shop locally if possible), opposition to racism, “live-and-let-live” civil tolerance of homosexuality, resistance to war, and concern for the poor, at home and abroad. (Those are my views as well.) I’ve twice recently seen references in the New Yorker to that same profile among young evangelicals — what might look somewhat “left,” but with a strong pro-life stance in the middle; they are even “more concerned about abortion than their [evangelical] parents”. This is because they see abortion as an act of violence against helpless children, an urgent social justice concern–thus consistent, even necessary, for the young faithful on this surprising new “right” that looks kind of “left. ”

Seems to me there are dots to connect between the two, particularly as concerns Dreher’s exhortation to “understand why we’re losing people, especially the young.”


2 Responses to “Words of wisdom from the Crunchy Con and the Khouriye”

  1. 1 Jonathan 12 October 2008 at 4:09 pm

    The above description fits me pretty well I suppose- anti-war, pro-life, concerned with poverty, Wendell Berry is one of my heroes, etc.; I imagine it would fit most of my fellow twenty-something parish-goers here. And fortunately at my parish I find that I am consistently challenged to be more pro-life, more resistant to the propaganda of war and violence and consumption, to not just think pious thoughts about the poor but go out and confront poverty and love the poor. While I do not go to my parish because of the “political” (in the sense of how we must live in the polis) message, it’s certainly welcomed, even if the message quite often is rather painful.

  2. 2 Anna 13 October 2008 at 9:33 am

    Huh, and here I thought that the Orthodox might be above Groupthink.

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