Anybody want to tell me what’s fascinating about this?

(Hint: it is a combination of a particular word used, and who it is using it.)

(Part of why that strikes me is that literally seconds before coming across it, I had just read some absolutely blistering anti-Catholic polemic by somebody whom I won’t name and to whom I will not link, because I don’t particularly want to give this level of total uncharity additional traffic. At least with the “Orthodox worship skulls” site I linked to a bit ago, there was some humor which could be found in the near self-parody of the content — but there’s no way any of the content of this site could be read in that manner. I’ll just give you a small sample:

I make no secret of my feelings toward the Evil Empire calling itself the Roman Catholic Church or the priestly hierarchy that controls it. […]

Do I hate the Roman Catholic Church? Absolutely and irrevocably. Because it is an evil and satanic entity that strives to hold souls captive to a Pagan emperor and Pagan deities.

Do I hate the shamans who are the Catholic priestly hierarchy? Absolutely and irrevocably, for they are corrupters holding a billion souls in thrall.

Do I hate Catholics? Other than priests and religious? Not at all. To hate individual prisoners of the Whore on the Tiber would demand that I hate my own wife, children and a multitude of other relatives.

Yiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiikes. It makes Jack Chick look as harmless as Jack Kirby.)


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